Creating Java Thread Dumps for Coldfusion with Jstack

Another option to see what is going on at a specific point in time is to generate a JVM Thread Dump. You can generate a thread dump by using the jstack tool that comes with the Java Development Kit (JDK). »

Using the CFML Jupyter Kernel with VS Code

setup and use the CFML Jupyter Kernel locally with VS Code. »

Introducing the CFML Jupyter Kernel

I created a new CFML Jupyter Kernel powered by CommandBox. This project is open source, and hosted on GitHub. »

How To Create a Dynamic Alias for Vue in Vite

I worked around the issue but setting up a Vite/Rollup alias for Vue that was dynamic based on if I was building for production or in dev mode »

Issues Running Docker in Git Bash for Windows

For awhile I had issues with trying to run some docker commands using Git Bash in Windows. I would typcially have to move over to Powershell and run them to get it to work the way I expected. An examp... »

My Notes on Migrating from Vue CLI to Vite

This is the second part of a series documenting my notes from migrating a Vue.js application to Vue 3 + Vite. »

My Notes on Migrating to Vue 3

I recently migrated a small application from Vue 2 to Vue 3 and wanted to record my notes here for future reference. »

My 2021 Github Actions Hackathon Submission

My goal was to learn more about building a modern CFML application with a CI/CD process. »

CFML Development with Github Codespaces

With Codespaces you can develop from any machine that has a internet browser. »

Exploration in Unit Testing Vue.js Components

This post is some notes on things I learned during my initial exploration with unit testing Vuex components »

Using .NET Integration Services with CommandBox

CommandBox is a great tool for getting CFML development environments setup very quickly. I work with an application that uses the .NET Integration feature of Coldfusion. I recently needed to change that functionality so I needed to get it working in my development environment to test it. »

Two-Factor Authentication with TOTP and CFML

A walkthrough example of how to implement 2-Factor authentication (2FA) using Time-based One-time Password Algorithm (TOTP) in a CFML application running on the Coldbox MVC framework. »

Using CFLint for Static Analysis with Jenkins

I am going to walk through how you can use CFLint and Jenkins to do static code analysis on your CFML code as part of a CI process. »

Using Vue CLI 3 with a Coldbox Application

The Vue CLI is a great tool for developing Vue.js applications but I wanted to see how it could be integrated into an application with a CFML/Coldbox back-end. »

OWASP TOP 10 2017 A2-Broken Authentication: Password Guidance

One of the recommendations I mention in OWASP TOP 10 2017 A2-Broken Authentication: Password Requirements is to provide guidance to your users when creating passwords. Here I attempt to explore some ways of implementing feedback to users on the strength of their passwords. »