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My 2021 Dev.to Github Actions Hackathon Submission

I decided to create project submission for this year’s Dev.to Github Actions Hackathon. I thought I would share my submission here.

My goal was to learn more about building a modern CFML application with a CI/CD process. I am sure there are a lot of improvements that could be made. One thing I am still working on is adding more documentation. Below is a link to the Dev.to post as well as the project in Github.

Dev.to post

Project on Github

The application itself is just basically just a to-do list but for movies. It is very much a work in progress. Here is a general outline of the tech stack that I am using:




The project also uses TestBox and Cypress for testing.


I am running it on the AWS Graviton2 (ARM64 processor) micro instance using Docker. AWS is doing a free trial on the Graviton2 micro instances until the end of the year. It is using Traefik for reverse proxy and free/automated SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt. I am also planning to share some more details about how I setup it up in a later post.


I do not think there is anything revolutionary here nor do I expect to win a contest prize. For me it was more about learning from the process of creating it.

Sadly, I just realized my last blog post was exactly one year ago 😞. I am hoping to change that in 2022. Maybe this project will be fodder for some new blog entries.