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Implementing a Weak Password Blocklist in CFML

As mentioned in OWASP TOP 10 2017 A2-Broken Authentication: Password Requirements the new guidelines for password requirements say to drop all the complexity rules and to create a blocklist of weak, common, and compromised passwords that cannot be used when a user creates a new account. Here is a quick example of one way this could be implemented in CFML.

This Github Repository contains many lists of weak, common, and leaked passwords. The OWASP Broken Authentication article refers to it as a source for creating such a list. I chose the following list of 10,000 common passwords for this example.

GitHub ยท danielmiessler/SecLists/Common-Credentials/10k-most-common.txt

I started off by creating a component named PasswordService.cfc that takes the file path to the file downloaded from Github. In this example, I am using Wirebox to inject a setting that contains the file path. The file is read and the contents are loaded into an array. You could also load these into a database table and load them in from there.

component singleton {

	property name="PASSWORD_BLOCKLIST";
	property name="wirebox" inject="wirebox";

	 * Constructor
	 * @passwordblocklistFile.inject coldbox:setting:PASSWORD_blocklist_FILE
	public PasswordService function init( required string passwordblocklistFile ) {

			fileRead( arguments.passwordblocklistFile ), 
			chr(10) & chr(13) 

		return this;

I then created a method to check a password against the blocklist.

public boolean function isAllowed( required string password ) {

	return !PASSWORD_BLOCKLIST.find( lcase( arguments.password ) );

I can then use that in my validatePassword method.

public models.util.ValidationResult function validatePassword( required string password ) {

	var validationResult = wirebox.getInstance("util.ValidationResult");

	/* Must be at least 8 characters long */
	if ( arguments.password.len() < 8 ) {
		validationResult.addError("The password must be at least 8 characters.");

	/* Not on the blocklist */
	if ( !isAllowed( arguments.password ) ) {
		validationResult.addError("Your password is not allowed because it is too common!");

	return validationResult;