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Mura 7 Development with CommandBox

This is a script I wrote to quickly setup a new Mura 7 development server in CommandBox. It runs on Lucee with an embedded H2 database. It uses the new cfconfig module to setup the datasource.

Download and run the script in the directory you want the server setup.

wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/jsteinshouer/7d2c4d7cbd0329a2ea92f9de103678f3/raw/d9ef6a860e0fc6a8e51e2f23cf8cc6cac7bdac1a/Mura7_setup.boxr
box recipe Mura7_setup.boxr

Once you run the script the browser will open and you will need to go through the initial Mura 7 setup form.

  1. Select MySQL as the Database type
  2. Enter muradb as the datasource name
  3. Click Next
  4. You can change the Mura admin username and password here
  5. Enter an admin email then click Next
  6. You select the option to not have index.cfm in the navigation links if you like
  7. Click Submit

You can now start tinkering away on your new Mura 7 server. You can use these commands to start and stop the server.

box server stop
box server start