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Notes on Migrating from Vue.js 1.x

I have been refactoring a Coldbox application as a Single Page Application using Vue.js using ColdBox Elixir. I was origionally looking at ColdBox Elixir for compiling Sass. After reading the docs I was curious and decided to look into Vue.js.

So far Vue.js and ColdBox Elixir have been a joy to work with. Vue.js recently released version 2.0 so i decided to try migrating what I had done to version 2.0.

I started by upgraded my vue and vue-router packages to the most recent versions.

npm install vue@latest --save
npm install vue-router@latest --save

Vue-Router Migration

I ran gulp to compile my application and recieved this error in the browser.

Uncaught TypeError: router.map is not a function(…)

So after reviewing the vue-router migration documentation I changed my router configuration from this:

const router = new VueRouter({
	history: true

	'/': {component: Home},
	'/hello': {component: HelloWorld},
	'/profile/:userID': {component: Bar}

router.start(App, '#app');

To this:

const routes = [
	{ path: '/', component: Home},
	{ path: '/hello', component: HelloWorld},
	{ path: '/profile/:userID', component: Bar}

const router = new VueRouter({
	mode: 'history',
  	routes: routes

const app = new Vue({
	components: {App},
  	router: router

To resolve this warning I needed to change my anchor tags using v-link.

[Vue warn]: Failed to resolve directive: link

This code:

<a href="#" v-link="/">Home</a>

Became this:

<router-link to="/">Home</router-link>

Importing From NPM

After getting the vue-router setup changed I recieved this warning.

[Vue warn]: Failed to mount component: template or render function not defined. 
(found in root instance)

The warning is a little misleading. After some searching I discovered it is because using NPM the runtime-only build is imported.

import Vue from 'vue';

The workaround was to use Aliasify.

npm install aliasify --save

I then added this to package.json.

"aliasify": {
    "aliases": {
        "vue": "vue/dist/vue.js"


My application uses Vue.js Single File Components and Vueify is the tool that compiles them. Coldbox Elixir uses Vueify 8.x which only works with Vue 1.x. To resolve this I installed Vueify 9.

npm install vueify@latest --save

Resolving other warnings

I recieved other warnings due to deprecated features or changes to Vue.js. Here are the warnings I encountered and changes to resolve them.


[Vue warn]: Component template should contain exactly one root element:


Added <div></div> around any component templates that had multiple root elements.


	<li v-for="user in users"></li>


		<li v-for="user in users"></li>


Failed to resolve directive: el


The solution for this was to replace the v-el attribute with the ref attribute. I Also had to changed my references from this.$elem to this.$refs.

One other change I made was to change the name of the ready event handler in my components to mounted.